Fascinating Confederate and Union Buckles on Display at Shiloh Civil War Museum

Belt Buckles / July 24, 2019

  Whether you are a history buff or a collector, the fascinating display of Confederate and Union buckles at the Shiloh Civil War Museum gives you a unique glimpse into the combat wear and craftsmanship of the time. Soldiers sported many different styles at the time, but the most common buckle worn on the battlefield […]

Shiloh Artillery: Did it Help the Union Win Over the Rebels?

Artillery / February 8, 2019

The artillery used in the Battle of Shiloh offers a chilling insight into one of the bloodiest encounters in the American Civil War. According to historians, there were approximately 250 artillery field pieces employed by the Union and Confederate soldiers of which 164 (roughly 63%) were smoothbores and 86 (34%) were rifled cannons. Samples of […]